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This past Saturday while attending a meeting in Denver, CO at Denver University,I parked my truck on a public road near a sign that read "1 Hour Parking only". I was at the meeting for over 5 hours and upon returning a computer generated Parking Ticket and a return envelope were attached to my drivers side window. My truck is registered in FL. I would like to contest the ticket as it was unsigned and there is no injured party. Any suggestions?

This one is easy. The short answer is ignore it. Denver is not going to go to Florida to collect on an parking ticket. If you have moved here to Colorado intending to stay here the answer is the same. If you are going to stay here and make Colorado your home then you will need to get Colorado registration and plates. Since you are from out of state you will need to get a VIN verification and an emissions test. There is no connection between parking tickets and the plate that is on the car. How do I know this? Because I am a former Deputy Sheriff. I am now a VIN Inspector. Even if you had Colorado registration and plates there is no problem... You do not go on the "Boot list" until you have 3 or more unpaid parking tickets. If you do get 3 or more tickets what you do is lose the rear plate on the car... that is the plate that has the expiration stickers on it. Go to motor vehicle in the county where you live and tell them your rear plate fell off and you have no idea where
it may be. You will get a new set of plates with registration. Again there is no connection between parking tickets and the plate at motor vehicle. The cost of a new set of plates used to be $6.00. It may be more now. Even if it is more it would still be less than paying the parking tickets. Of course if you really want to fight the parking ticket you will lose and it will cost you both time and money. If you want to fight something pick something really worth fighting.

While still in that state, take the ticket, attach a post-it-note and mail it to the parking payment people. Note says: "Please don't ticket officials while on official duty. Wrong plate anyway."

Wager you don't hear anything more about it. They will think some stupid parking meter maid either wrote the ticket wrong..deposited it on wrong vehicle..or someone took it off your car and slapped it on an unmarked official car for a joke.

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