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Vatic Note: No matter how advanced you are technologically, without a secure supply line you are toast. The lowest tech third worlder can bring the biggest baddest guy on the block to a complete halt if they so choose of that very critical supply line. THAT IS WHY THE POWERS THAT BE ARE CREATING THE NORTH AMERICAN HIGHWAY to divide the nation in half with all supply lines contained and secured in the center of a huge path and putting up sensors etc etc to protect those military supply lines they intend on using here in this country to militarily occupy us for the Queen and her Rothschild banker handler. Sorry, but it was so obvious when I read what was going to be in the middle of this super highway and how it was going to be secured, that didn't make any sense unless you assumed a military occupation of parts of the nation. Once I saw the location, it was clear they were dividing the red states from each other so they could not unite in any effort to control the movement of troops and supplies. Cameras, sensors and other high tech surveillance equipment is scheduled to go into the center and sides of that swath of land. Very smart indeed.

Reading this below, one realizes even in war there are rules. You simply do not give the message to the enemy that you have no regard for civilian life or integrity in war which is a dirty business anyway, and thus they respond and hit you where it hurts the most, your fuel supply line. Without fuel, there is no military. It really is time to start thinking about these things. Its through this response that you see the obvious weakness of the mighty high-tech military against a low-tech system. The high-tech military is vulnerable in places that cannot be covered always when millions are committed to bringing such a system down. That is the problem they are having in both Afghanistan and Pakistan. It is certainly an even bigger problem here IF WE STAY UNITED. At 300 million strong, WE ARE POWERFUL. 

II. Post: What Tea Party Congressmen Can Expect

Vatic Note:This is an excellent guide and a very good idea what to expect when you show up in place. Another thing you will see is noting the difference between a meeting of committees with both parties, and the caucuses for each party. Remember, they are different. Having worked inside for 3 years I can tell you this is basically what you can expect no matter who is the majority party, this is the game and how its played.
The caucuses are all about political issues for the party. You might get a valid and objective analysis on a bill that will hurt your party politically with your constituents, but is a favorite of the lobbyists that fund your party election committee through their PACS, and yet the caucuses will decide the parties position on the bill and a strategy for either defeating it or getting it rammed through depending on whether you are a majority party or minority. Each caucus does the same thing. At this point, IN THE CAUCUS, you share with the caucus what impact this will have on you personally as the rep and on your constituents to see if it matches the caucuses line of thinking on the bill.
If it doesn't then the caucus has the job of giving you cover to vote for it or to see to it that you are not hurt by the vote of the others. Maybe establishing a bogus resistance to the bill on the floor speeches and voting against it, but with leaderships permission. Then leadership has to go and drag over a republican in a safe seat to get you off the hook and then the caucus leaders cut thier own deals in return for that favor. Then the caucus owes the other caucus one for the road. Its pretty sleezy work.

Many with integrity cannot take the gamesmanship that goes on and finds it extremely dishonest and eventually quit. That is the shame of it since that leaves those who compromise in a gamesmanship way to be the only ones left to rule. That is bad because once you learn how to do that and justify it in your own mind, then its slippery road down hill into selling out your voters. It never starts intentionally, but it always ends up there. 

III. Post: Gardasil Tied to 16 Additional Deaths

Vatic Note: I simply have no words anymore. Seriously. They just keep killing us off and we keep ignoring it. These are our young daughters who have not had a chance at life yet at all. How can we sit still for this??? How much is a daughters life worth anyway? What do the drug co gain in profit for that life??? someone needs to assign a value to it. Someone needs to hang for it actually.
Article Excerpt: According to existing records, 3,589 adverse reactions have been tied to Gardasil between May 2009 and September 2010, including 213 cases resulting in permanent disability, said Judicial Watch, a public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption.

Judicial Watch just announced that it received the new documents from FDA under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). The documents detail reports of adverse reactions to Gardasil, including 16 new deaths, which includes four suicides, between May 2009 and September 2010. The FDA also produced 789 "serious" reports, with 213 cases resulting in permanent disability and 25 resulting in a diagnosis of Guillian Barre Syndrome.??Judicial Watch provided the excerpts of the following adverse reports:

IV. Post: ALERT: Media Pushes BRAIN Eating Vaccine... Nano Tech Injection Lobotomy

Vatic Note: Listen to these great people below except for Bill Gates in the "great" dept, but listen to him anyway and remember the increase in suicides in our military that are always used for experiments with drugs. Now Alex explains why soldiers suicides are so up from normal. It turns out they are using vaccines to reengineer the human brain structure eliminating the soul if you will and create a robot. In fact he mentions the stanford university involved in this and they are the US branch of BRITISH TAVISTOCK GROUP ( british and rothschilds) which is the mind control driver of all these institutions. Remember our coverage about this and the connection to CIA MKL Mind control. They are trying to use (ROCKEFELLER FUNDED) eugenics to create robots and the guys doing this are trying to get it mandatory for kids to take these vaccines in the school. They are also putting lithium in our water which is a brain destoyer as well as is flouride. Lets begin by listening to BILL GATES SET THE STAGE FOR WHAT YOU WILL READ AND HEAR BELOW. Listen long enough to hear him talk about the vaccines. He starts out about global "scam" warming, so stay with it. This is important since it shows how high up the food chain this perversion goes and just how sick and perverse these people are. They need to be kept busy doing something productive since all they can seem to do on their own is find horrors to manufacture for their sadistic psychopathic pleasures. They have too damn much money AND TIME ON THEIR HANDS with which to promote their own perversions that harm others. Its like having a Jeffrey Daumer with billions to indulged his murderous perversions. Here is a bit of history on vaccines and samples of how they have been used against us in the past for just such practices in the past, passing on AIDS and smallpox through vaccines. etc

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