UK 7-7 Ripple Effect maker in Irish Supreme Court

I hope this finds you well, in good spirit and having a good day. About a year and a half ago in February 2009 a documentary film-makerAnthony John Hill alias Muad'Dib was arrested. He produced a film called "7/7 Ripple effect" which is about the 2005London terrorist-attacks, which were claimed to have been done by 4 muslimbombers. The film shows without doubt that the alleged 4 muslims could not possibly have done it, and that it was most probably done by the intelligence services, military and people in high positions in the UK government.
The film has gained widespread popularity after its release on November 5th 2007, and is so compelling that the government propaganda-arm BBC had to make a dedicated TV-programme to attempt to discredit the film. Their personal attack that failed to address the film's strongest points instead gave the film further popularity. It was already estimated in 2009 that millions of people have viewed the film and believe it is true.

Muad'Dib posted copies of the film to a court in the UK, where the UK authorities were trying to convict 3 innocent people they were accusing of having helped the 4 alleged muslim bombers, when it is clear that the 4 alleged bombers could not have done the atrocities, which was later proven by the court dismissing the charges. Irritated by Muad'Dib's film, the UK authorities applied for an European arrest warrant in 2008 and had the Irish authorities ransack his home one early morning, steal his computers and printer, and put him in jail for a number of days until bail was granted, claiming that Muad'Dib was "attempting to pervert the course of justice", when in reality Muad'Dib was seeking to prevent the authorities to pervert the course of justice by showing the true facts regarding the attacks.

It has been known for longthat the authorities lie to the people and start wars based on lies. The London attacks were and still are a crucial tool for the UK government to attempt to justify the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, even though most people are already aware that they were all based on lies, which is a fact that is every day become more and more clear as the truth gets researched.

Muad'Dib appealed to the Irish Supreme Court to fight the extradition in 2009 and has since been waiting since for their decision, suffering having to report to a  police-station three times a week, surrender His passport and drivers-license, and has been ordered as part of the bail condition not to speak to anyone in English and Wales about the 7/7 2005 bombings.

Now, the time has come for the Supreme Court to have a hearing on the matter on the coming Thursday 11th of November 2010. This court-case will have weighty consequences, because first of all it goes to the question of free speech. Muad'Dib did absolutely nothing wrong in sending copies of his film to a court, but intended to provide critical evidence to the jury and the judge.

The UK authorities however see Muad'Dib and the film as a serious threat and want to make an example of him, to deter other people from speaking the truth. The charge against Muad'Dib carries a maximum of life imprisonment, which shows how aggravated they are because of him and his film, which exposes the London
bombings for what they were: an inside-job to support illegal wars and the illusion of alleged muslim radicals threatening our way of life, when in reality it is the government that is stripping away our freedoms day by day and making life miserable for everyone, and starting and continuing wars that are killing millions and displacing yet more millions of people from their homes and destroying families both home and abroad. We are facing high seated government officials that are accomplices to heinous crimes, and who at the least are trying to cover the truth up about the real course of events in order to justify illegal wars that have already killed millions of people and displaced yet more millions of people.

Please see a summary of the events and the facts below, and please do your utmost to help spread the news about this very important court-date and the whole issue, which affects us all.

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