Alleged audio conversation of Ms Radia related to higher judiciary

Friends, I present this alleged audio conversation between Ms Nira Radia and Sri Sunil Arora, an IAS officer from Rajasthan cadre which came to my notice through a widely read web-portal bhadas4media.com.

In the five minute phone conversation presently in circulation on Internet, they mostly concentrate themselves on the current situation of higher judiciary, as per their perspective.

I don't know which of the two is speaking truth and to what extent. But one thing I seem pretty sure of. The voices look like that of Ms Radia and Mr Sunil. This I can say because now I have heard more than a dozen of their conversation on Internet with the same ring-tone and same voices.

The judiciary is the ultimate bulwark of our democratic system and hence such talks make any sensitive person feel rather disturbed and concerned.

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