Flying Mechanical Surveillance Hummingbirds

If we learn anything from history, it is that whatever initially appears on the battlefield, eventually appears within our local Police Departments. We already have some local police departments equipped with armored personnel carriers complete with eleven machine gun portholes, black hawk helicopters with night vision, and even bazooka type rocket launchers.

The reason for this phenomenon is defense contractors are constantly looking for way to make more profits from innovations to the Department of Defense, which eventually expands to police departments. Unlike typical business customers which base their profits upon supply and demand, these defense contractors rely upon appropriations. So long as the tax dollars are there, these defense contractors are assured of the sale and production of their wartime equipment, whatever that may be, and these inventions will never end so long as profits can be made.

Being tested now in the military are small manufactured surveillance "hummingbirds" complete with every kind of surveillance equipment that can be thought of. Not only capable of peering through your second story window, but actually capable of clandestinely entering one's home or business, or bugging one's automobile for tracking, and is even promoted as such. It is, of course, promoted in the name of battlefield technology of gaining advantage over the "enemy."

Below is a promotional video not designed to encourage you or me to make a purchase, but for military and crime-fighting concerns. After all, wouldn't it be nice to have a Big Brother with the capability of having mechanical eyes absolutely anywhere? Just think of being able to record drug deals going down anywhere? Behold the future of America! The all new adventures of the Drone World is just over your shoulder!

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