India has degraded into a corrupt society

Countries like Egypt and Libya have fallen despite the tyrants and dictators ruling them for almost similar period as congress has been looting this country post independence.It is matter of shame for people of this great society that they are allowing one fake Gandhi family to rule the country continuously manipulating the ethics and politicians of this country.The shameless and corrupt congress politicians looting the country and living like Maharajas in Delhi and back in their hometowns spending almost Rs 5 lac every month are acting arrogant and threatening the civil society.

India has degraded into a corrupt society seeing low ethics,rapid degeneration of morality in country after Sonia and Manmohan took charge 8years back.

Why this is happening.Because majority of party sin india especially congress is full of looters,opportunists and crooks having no interest in democracy,morality and good governance.They Have been emboldened by successful loot indulged by them. Following the trend all other political parties shave also become corrupt including BJP which is leaderless and directionless today.Situation is pathetic for India.

The congress has very clear policy. market Gandhi Icon by huge investments, prop one member of Gandhi family as vote catcher in country of illiterate,poor and emotional fools and then hide behind the umbrella and loot eh society.

The lokpal bill that is prepared by these corrupt people is shocking.The bill did exactly opposite to what civil society wanted.targeting NGOs even unregistered and unaided ones and making loose provisions for corrupt and prosecuting the whistleblowers.It is clearly Corruption promotion bill and being done brazenly and openly and government insists on it.

Libya fell after 6 months after bloody civil war. UPA wont last for even 15 days as our army will never support UPA goons.

WE wonder if Army should take over as there is clear breakdown of governance in india with puppet president ,Puppet Prime Minister and puppet Chief Justice.Even Chief Election commissioner is puppet. The way people have been suppressed from speaking out, there is no scope for free elections in India now. It is duty of President of India and army to respond to crisis.India needs overhaul.

Congress must get rid of Fake Gandhi dynasty. All the money eaten away by corrupt people including sonia and sons has also to be recovered by putting them behind bars. It is time to act.

The slogan of GDP growth is used to fool people and continue loot. MM singh is agent of western MNCs and capitalisr and has to be sacked.He is obsessed ny GDP growth rate simply as it helps manufacturing sector to loot the coutnry.he is even today ignoting price rise due to foolsih policies.He could not do anything in agriculture ,judicial and social reforms.

Rs 10 lac crore are eaten every year by corrupt lobby.They wont easily given in. These guys sitting in parliment are threatening people of India that they are supreme and no one should dare to speak out.The body language of Mukherjee,sibbal.Singhvi and MM singh is of belligerance and sheer arrogance.

It is itme to severely punish congress and field own candidates by civl society to wipe out corrupt politicians of all parties. All NGOs and civil society members should unite and create third alternative in India.

Corruption has to be curbed and babus to be sent in jails.

Asking for justice is "our"  right or "their" mercy? Unless we answer this, we cannot be a sane nation.

A bloody police has the right today not to take a road violence on a woman from her estranged husband who keeps the child on hostage for corruption. And when she fights for the safety of her son's life, she gets beaten to death and her husband runs scotfree.

*Justice is about freedom and fairness. You cannot beg for freedom. You have to fight and get or retain it; and also fight for others' freedom.

A company or a Gov. ought to run by the good policies, and not by one's superior's order.

Once a good, transparent policy, process, is set to follow, one does not need permission to act from the superior.

In contrast, the Bhaart Gov. employees as for permission for every act, as if they do not know wht is right and wht is wrong. This is dectatorship of the superior(s.)

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