between me, the judge and the al-qur'an

One of my friend who works for the department of Justice with US Government gave my name to this Judge. He called me and ask me to come to his Synagogue. I went their and ask him what can I do for you He said  I want to know about Islam. I said your honor let us not get into this topic. Because i will say things and you will not like and you will send me to the GUEST HOUSE of US govt for the next 100 years all expenses paid.

He said NO No  let me get the Rabi. I said OK the Rabi joined the meeting. I asked what do you want to discuss. The Rabi gave a list of topics it has to do with similarities and differences between Islam and Judaism.  The Rabi had to leave and I was stuck with The Judge.  He said go and tell me similarities and differences between the the two I said well these two religions are very close to one another, but there are few differences. He said tell me tell me I said according to your holy book your God created the heaven and earth in six days and took rest on the seventh DAY.

The God of the Quran created the heaven and earth but does not get tired , hungry, sick and there is no such thing has God taking rest The SUN has not taken rest for the last billions of years.

He said it make sense. Next I said there are 1.5 billion Muslimswho believe that Ismail was offered has a sacrifice but there are over 2 Billion Christians and Jewish people who say Isaac was offered has a sacrifice . Judge do you know who his right. He said I don't know. I said I will tell you. According to your Holy book  Ismail was the older son and Isaac was the younger son. Ibrahim had a dream in which God told him to go and sacrifice your son your ONLY SON. Ibrahim took his SON HIS ONLY SON Ibrahim was ready to sacrifice his son his ONLY SON. The angel of God called him and said  Ibrahim God his pleased with you YOU were ready to sacrifice your SON YOUR ONLY SON.
I said   Judge over and over again your holy book says YOUR SON YOUR ONLY SON That means this whole thing happen before the birth of ISAAC  I said Judge I told this story to Pastor Michael, Pastor Michael said Kamal you are completely wrong because Ismael was the son of a slave woman and was not a blessed child.  Judge I told my wonderful Pastor Michael, Pastor Michael. God of this Universe understands your mentality. So in the Holy Bible it says If a man had two sons one from a slave/hated  woman. If the older son his from a slave woman he will be a blessed child, because he represents his initial strength. The Judge laughed and i went on for an hour.

After that he told me do you have a copy of the Quran. I said yes it is in the car and he almost picked up my briefcase. I said NO NO please and we went to the car I gave him the copy of the Quran. He wanted to come and visit the Islamic center. When he came to the Islamic center During one of his visits I told the so called scholars of the  Center I have this high ranking Judge who wants to visit our Center. When he came my brothers were fighting with one another trying to show who is more knowledgeble. The Judge after the meeting  said Kamal I felt I was in the courtroom where two lawyers always fight with each other. This Judge has everything white , over 6 ft , has beautiful wife two sons access to the white house, But still deep  desire to find the right religion. I ask the Judge my daughter(lawyer) needs a job. He said I will give her a Job. I told him but she is a Hijabi lady. Kamal she is your daughter I will find a slot for her. The Jews/ Christian  do not teach their holy books cover to cover to their kids in the Sunday school. These BOOKS have too much pornography, stories that do not make sense.

That is the reason the founding fathers of America. Decided to separate the church and the STATE. They are desparetely looking for a better product.

I just came out of a restaurant . One of the Hindu lady just got out of work . I ask her Maji who you are waiting for she said I am waiting for my son to pick me up. I told her Maji I will drop you home. She was so happy, if it was not for me she had to wait till 12 p.m in the night for her son to come and pick her up. For me whether it is Judge or the restaurant worker both are important.

Please love the non muslims they are ALLAh /Bhagwan/ God customers. The Quran says the messenger will be a witness against you and you will be a witness against mankind. Your JOB is to convey his message not to hurt them. This is the shop of the creator of heaven and earth and yours is a saleman JOB. If you fight for piece of Land you will not get it in a million years. YOUR JOB IS TO FIGHT FOR THE HEARTS AND MINDS OF THE NON MUSLIMS.  LOVE THEM EXPLAIN TO THEM ,tell them to WORSHIP THE GUY who PUTS THE FUEL IN THE SUN. WHO IS THE LIGHT OF HEAVEN AND EARTH Islam is the best religion but Muslims are its worst followers.

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