Are we indians the born cheats

Rajaratnam of a hedge fund in US is sent to jail for 11 years and imposed heavy fines and recovery of defrauded profits by a US court.It has sent strong signals.But surprisingly US government has not acted against many bankers who are basically cheats and looters and have brought US economy near ruins.It is time to nail down banking guys all over the world.WE have been demanding this for last 10 years.The fattened bankers and fraudulent and third grade economists are main cause of world problems.

One such economists is ruining this country as head of a mafia ruling the country.he must go now and should be ideally tried for mass public harm and treason.

India is one of most corrupt and through rate country in world while our corrupt media men and politicians keep singing chants of India shining and India developing.Just to fool people who are becoming corrupt, poor and weak by the day.Under 2% of Indians comprising of big businessmen,politicians, so called premier school guys and central services cadres are conniving with teacher and have let loose loot and plunder under slogans of reforms and globalisation.This must stop now.In india daily circular trading and insider trading is dong merrily and no one bothers.SEBI and Madras high court in connivance with Sterling group of Chennai killed Tree magnum scheme and gulped crores of rupees of small investors in name of social forestry.In fact High court is helping the crooks to loot and get away with crimes.

We daily see that suddenly share prices of some companies suddenly start rising or going down.without nay logic and reason.Idea is to loot MFs and small investors.

In India we have regulations only on papers with every one in authority having one goal to make money as much as possible.After MM singh took over babus are on loose and have been given Abhaydan to loot.No accountability.handsome perks, imported cars and foreign trips.5 days working.Jai Ho globalisation ki.

The bloody Indians are born thieves,tax evaders and cheats.That is why we became slaves.A large number of Indian businessman are frauds and profiteers and deserve to be in jail and their money forfeited to national exchequer.

The only way crime and cheating can be stopped is by giving 20 years sentence and imposing 100% penalty of money in time and also recovery of cheated or stolen money.A number of politicians and babus and police men should also be sent to jail for life.To curb crime the criminal should be financially and socially destroyed.India should also being a mass public fraud bill to deter companies and education Institutes making tall and false claims and cheating gullible investors,students and customers.The media is not meant to cheat people.Same way politicians who lie sitting in top position and give false statements and false assurances should also be jailed.One has to keep the promise.Specially when made to seek votes and nominations.India badly needs ethical and moral resurgence.

Congress must be wiped out in elections and people should boycott this fake party unless they get rid of fake Gandhis and recover 1 lac crore looted by various politicians in congress regime.One should not forget that slowly but surely cases are being weakened by corrupt politicians and CBI under knowledge of MM singh to let all 2G guys go scot free and all those in other scams.It as Singh who quietly moved amendments for RTI act on behest of his stooge bureaucracy but was caught midway.Such people are heading the country.It is unfortunate.All of us should expose such guys and see they are ousted and punished.WE should make class III and IV and rural people around us how India has been looted and how morality has sunk in 60 years under major time rule of congress party.It cant be ignored.

See how loot is going on.Nestle raised 190 gm milk power pack price form Rs 58 to 70 in one stroke in september.Gillette(P&G) selling substandard twin blade packs like 7 O'clock at three times prices when Singh took over and with life of 2-3 shaves only.No one listened to complaints.MNcs are out on loot in country including banks.

Maruti has raised price of a basket from rs 60 to 460 and price of front axle assembly from rs 2100 to Rs 2700 in one go.

We can see examples of loot everywhere.The list is endless.T otal scams of more than 5 lac crores have surfaced since Singh took over UPA government.

IIMs have raised fees from 60000 to 7.5 lacs.And professors are being given rs 50 lacs package from rs 5 lacs.What kind of reforms and globalisation is this? what is logic in this but loot.Third rate engineering and MBA type Institutes are charging rs 4-8 lacs for course as against rs 70000 to rs 2 lacs by affiliated colleges.All this in name of reforms and globalisation.

The babudom salaries have been revised three times since singh has come.Their working hours have been reduced by 20%.No babus is being fired for efficiency and corruption.It is free for all in country which our fraudulent experts sitting on top call reforms, development and globalisation. can there be bigger fraud with nation than this.

The truth is Indian appear no where .In top global brands list,Top education Institution lists and not even in payment list of commercial websites.

Our philosophy and religion teaches us personal salvation and also depicts this world is illusion and maya. So it creates two types of people in India. One set becomes extremely selfish seeking only personal salvation at the cost of society and nation.  Other set of people worship mediocrity, abhor excel lance, consider our body as torn cloth and generally do not take interest in the worldly matter striving for moksha resulting in defeatist fatalistic superstitious society, indiscipline, treachery, filth, lack of respect of law etc. So we get worst of both the worlds. The root cause of all our evils are in our ideals, philosophy and religion.

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