Do you know – who is a Gorkha? Do you know is there existence Gorkha language? I know very well that you are unable to give reply because you do not know the real picture; but as this esteemed weekly in your hand, so you have published your idiotic, nonsense article by grossly violating human rights and strengthen to commit crime of genocide (Crimes against Peace and Security of Mankind 1996). 

There was no existence; there is no existence of Gorkha language in India, in Nepal and in the world and in this regard please check the history, census reports of India and Nepal, records of Nepal and India etc. EGG OF A HORSE AND GORKHA LANGUAGE, BOTH, ARE SAME. 

In the census of India, since 1931, mother tongue is one of the criteria. Mother tongue is in use as Nepali; previous name of Nepali is Gorkhali; according to available history, this Gorkhali language renamed as Nepali in 1930; language of the Gorkha kingdom was Gorkhali i.e. previous name of Nepali was Gorkhali; people of
Gorkha kingdom was known as Gorkhali; Gorkha kingdom captured the Nepal valley (present name Kathmandu valley) in 1769 and established the country Nepal and the Gorkha kingdom merged with the country Nepal. People of Nepal are known as Nepali. 

It is the history and empirical evidence that Nepalese emerged from Nepal, migrated from Nepal to India and settled all over India, especially Darjeeling and Sikkim were submerged under the incoming flood of Nepalese immigrants. 

Previous name of Gorkhali language was Khaskura (means language or speech of the Khas people). People/community of Khas are Hindus and they are Nepali; they embraced Hinduism with caste system eight hundred years ago. Khas people divided as Brahman (Bahun), Khatriya (Chetri/Chhetri) and touchable, untouchable classes. Thakuris (khatrya) are between Bahun and Chetri. Chetri/Chhtri surname is a Khas khatriya. Claiming as Gorkha, and supporting, promoting as Gorkha is a cheat case.

You cannot rename Khas people who are Nepali in any other name. Where is your authority to call them Gorkha? Government of India and Government of West Bengal, both, have boldly violated Hinduism in Darjeeling by signing Tripartite Agreement/Memorandum of Understanding on 18th July 2011. 

Violating the CONSITUTION OF INDIA, grossly violating human rights, violating SECULARISM principle of India, violating basic democratic established norms, committing crime of genocide (Crimes against Peace and Security of Mankind 1996) an unconstitutional Tripartite Agreement/Memorandum of Understanding signed on 18th July in Siliguri (Pintail village) in Darjeeling district between Government of India, Government of West Bengal and Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM) i.e. the organization of false, fictitious (untrue, unnatural) so-called Gorkahs to set-up "Gorkhaland Territorial Administration" [GTA] in Darjeeling by completely wiped out the sacrosanct name "Darjeeling", replacing it with the uncivilized, ill-bread name "Gorkhaland" [the land of the Gorkha mercenaries i.e. land of the Nepali mercenaries i.e. land of the Nepali criminals]. Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM) i.e. the organization of false, fictitious (untrue, unnatural) so-called Gorkahs are destroying Nepali community. 

I have mentioned in this post only a little part of the fact. After that I will write again. 

NOTE: I have published a book in June 2011 in Bengali – Prasanga Darjeeling – Gorkha Ke (Issue Darjeeling: Who is a Gorkha). Again a book in English, proposed name "Issue Darjeeling: Nepali Mercenaries & Crime of Genocide" might be published in November 2011.

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